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Unlucky Days Part Three

The gun shot Sarah in to the chest and sarah got rushed to hospital.In the hospital it is touch and go for Sarah.
Meanwhile the police are looking for John because he has just gone of in a helicopter,so the police go to the hospital to ask Anne-Marie questions about john.Anne-Marie is not in a fit state to answer any questions.Jason tells the police to leave her alone and go and ask Miss Wishcross about her son.The police go round to see Miss Wishcross,Miss wishcross has flashbacks about her son paul,she cannot believe it that when the police tell her about john and she didnt think it was that bad.Miss Wishcross cant tell the police anything because she doesnt know anything.the police tell her to get in touch as soon as John gets in touch with her.
Meanwhile at the hospital Sarah is fighting for her life and Anne-Marie is by her bedside,a few hours later Sarah wakes up and starts to ask Anne-Marie if she is married yet.Anne-Marie smiles because her mum is ok and answers no not yet.Jason is pleased that Anne-Marie mums ok.Jason then asks Anne-Marie if she wants to marry him in hospital.
Within the week they were to be married,and happy now her mum is much better.Sarah suggests for the two of them to go on holiday for a break.Anne-Marie is not sure about leaving her mum,Sarah says you should both go on holiday for the week.
A week later after they got back Anne-Marie went to the hospital to see her mum,when she got there she was
greeted by a doctor,who wanted a word with her.The doctor tells Anne-Marie her mum has just died.Anne-Marie
punches the doctor one,she then gets arrested and ends up in a cell allnight.The doctor decides not to press charges.Anne-Marie asks the police have they found john yet.The police dont reply.
Two weeks later Anne-Marie and Jason sort out Sarahs funeral,and give her the best send off.
One week later Anne-Marie goes to see miss Wishcross, miss Wishcross was surprised to see her and says
how sorry she was about her mum.Anne-Marie is asking miss Wishcross about where her son john is.Miss Wishcross replies she doesnt know where john is.Anne-Marie tells her to sit down and to think back to whereabouts her son his.Miss Wishcross thinks very hard and thinks where her son could be.Anne-Marie goes and tells the police where he might be.The police go out looking for him,they find the helicopter he was in,then they found John.John still had the gun and then shoots the police officer in the arm,then all army police are all around him.John ends up getting arrested.
Meanwhile in court john gets sentenced for twenty years for murder and shooting a police officer.


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