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The Oxford Writers? Dictionary
(R. E. Allen)

The Oxford Writers? Dictionary is one of the most used of all my reference books. To an extent, the word ?dictionary? is something of a misnomer, as the book?s great value lies in the fact that it is a comprehensive style guide for the use of the English language. Some issues of style, obviously, are open to question but as this guide uses the style of Oxford University Press, the user who is unsure on a particular point of punctuation, for example, will not go wrong if he uses the suggestions listed here.
No matter how good one?s command of the written word, there are areas where we are all unsure. The use of hyphenation with particular words, capitalization, abbreviations and the use of the apostrophe can all prove difficult at times. It is in areas such as this that this book comes into its own. Assuming a good command of the English language, this book was obviously compiled by those who know exactly which areas and words do cause difficulty and, in most cases, if you have doubts, you should find them resolved here.
As mentioned, the book?s main value lies in its use as a style guide. However, it is also a dictionary and, here, it is very useful for those words which are often confused, wrongly used (for example ?uninterested? and ?disinterested?) or difficult to spell (for example, the ?-ise? v ?-ize? problem). It also contains a comprehensive list of proper nouns and their spellings.
I would recommend this reference dictionary for everybody who is concerned to ensure that their use of the written word is correct.

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