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Healing With Consciousness
(His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

Healing with Consciousness

What we see in human growth is: the body comes first and then the mind appears. It is the spirit that makes the body. Spirit develops it, retains it, and eventually separates from the body. The Spirit, the Being is first. That life force in us makes all the functions happen in our body. It pumps the blood, makes the brain function, and keeps all cells alive. So much activity in the physical system is run by life energy.
Life energy, the consciousness, has enormous potential, to control and affect the changes in the body. It is the consciousness, the mind which feels the sensation of pleasure or pain. Life has unique ability to develop and heal itself. The potentiality that the consciousness has is amazing. That consciousness which has so much power to keep the orderliness in all of creation, the intelligence that knows how tall each stem should be and where to be green and where to be yellow..
In the same way, the DNA contained in every cell of our body contains the whole programmed of our being. Affecting a change at the level of the seed can affect the change in the whole stem, the whole flower, the entirety of the plant. Affecting the change at the level of our being, the very core of our consciousness, means what? We have to get back you our source, the sap. We have to get back to the seed. That source is our consciousness, our mind. From there exists infinite potentiality to control the body, its resistance, its power, everything.
The cells do not exist by themselves. They are made to exists and live by consciousness, by the mind, by Being, which is basic in creation. Ninety percent of the impurities in the system go out through our breath, so increasing deep breath decreases impurities in the system. All of these practices, and the grace of divine being, can eliminate the root cause of disease.
When someone is told they have terminal disease, they believe their life will be short. Getting over the fear is a very important process. This is the main thing. The fear about it can disturb the whole system, rather than strengthen the system.
Where you live, one thing is definite in life, everyone is going to die. How you die is very important ? do you die with a smile on your face or do you keep grumbling and feeling sad? No one knows when one is going to die. You could be in an accident or an earthquake. Not only sick people die, healthy people also die. Sickness has nothing to do with death. Many times sick people prolong their life for a long time. Often healthy people die many times faster. The very root cause of fear could simply be eliminated by understanding and by observation. Health can be regained by attending to the source of mind, the consciousness, because pure consciousness is pure love. And love is the highest healer on the planet, it is the highest power.

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