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John Wesley - His Death

His Death Even then, old and almost blind paralítico, John Wesley continued preaching in City Road and Latherhead. And when realized that his life was nearing its end sat in a bed, drank a cup of tea and sang: "When I throw this lively body and my life is crowned with blessing, how will my triumphant end! I glorificarei to my Creator while I have breath; And when my voice is lost in death, empregarei my forces, in my days the glorificarei breath while you have until the end of my existence. " Wesley was buried in the garden-tomb, in front of the chapel in City Road, under the lights of torches on the morning of March 2, 1791. He died with his eyes open and balbuciando the following words: "Farwell" (goodbye). Around 10 thousand people attended the funeral. And the lápide to date indicates the historical significance: "To the memory of the venerable John Wesley: the ultimate companion to the Lincoln College, Oxford ..."

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