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Cricket is one of the loved games played throughout the world. The origins of cricket are expected mostly to be after the Roman Empire before England was invaded by the Normans in North Europe. Past researches on this game predict that the game originated from a favorite pastime, in which a player used to throw an object like a small wooden piece which was in return hit back by another player using a club or piece of wood. But no one knows how this pastime game became famous and is now played worldwide. It is still clueless that how this two man game developed into a team of players and how the concept of having wickets placed on both the ends of the pitch was adopted.

Cricket is played between two teams with 11 members in each team. The bowler hurls the ball at the batsman but with a straight elbow and is helped with collecting the ball hit by the batsman by helpers, known as fielders. Bowler?s aim is to hit the target placed behind the batsman known as wickets or to compel the batsman hit a ball into the air by bowling a tricky delivery, which will be caught by a fielder. There are numerous other ways how a bowler can dismiss a batsman. Whereas the aim of the batsman is to defend the wickets he is guarding and score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball with a bat towards the field boundary. Other way of scoring for a batsman is to hit a ball in an area away from the fielders so that in the time the fielder collects the ball and throws it onto the wickets, the batsman can run to the other end.

One by one when the entire batting team, except one, gets dismissed then the team bowling first get the chance to bat and overcome the target set by the team batting first. The team bating first has now to defend the target set by them for the opposite team. To win the team batting first has to dismiss 10 players of the opposite team or finish the limited overs and restrict the opposite team from achieving the target.

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