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I, Robot
(Isaac Asimov)

Isaac Asimov's I, Robot is less about the machines and more about the
humans who make them. It is a book with a cold technical exterior, but
is bound by the heart that is able to exist within these machines
thanks to their human creators. Asimov ties the story together by
chronicling the history of robotics as a young man interviews a woman,
who like so many of the robots we encounter in the story has become
obsolete. Her life has lacked emotional ties to other humans, but her
story becomes highly emotional as she experiences life surrounded by
the seemingly emotionless.

Asimov the Russian born Biochemist binds the story through the
combination of hard science and challenging ethics. The science gives
the book legitimacy and holds up even today in our technology consumed
world. The book gains gravity thanks to the addition of ethical issues,
such as is God playing man with technology and what are the
implications of such actions on the part of mankind.

Asimov also wrote a number of texts books and at times I, Robot does
read more like a history book and less like the dynamic enthralling
science fiction novel that it actually is. Asimov goes to great lengths
to give you a personal, albeit slightly technical, history to the
characters he introduces. This is a strength as well as a weakness, it
gives more meat to the characters and adds gravity by making them more
real people, but it is a weakness in that it makes the book a slow
cumbersome read.

When the excitement takes off it goes in bold and thrilling directions.
This is where Asimov is at his best, when he has built his history,
fleshed out his characters, established his science, and then he takes
off. These parts of the book are thrilling and make up for the lack in
the other parts. Here Asimov breaks new ground in exploring the human
condition, by looking at who we may become it makes us reexamine who we

All in all I, Robot is the strongest work in what has become know as Asimov?s Robot Series.

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