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Hamahapach (the Revolution) - Science Revealing The Truth In The Torah
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'HaMahapach' is an amazing and breathtaking book which tells about
scientific discoveries present in the old testament and the oral torah
(gemara and mishneh), which existed then, thousands of years ago, and
have only recently been 'rediscovered' by modern technology. The book
presents a variety of discoveries from nature (flora and fauna), the
inanimate, the universe and medicine. It presents all research carried
out with its conclusions, together with professor's names and
universities involved, should the reader wish to delve deeper into a
particular study.

The book is well researched and easy to read, so every reader can
easily understand it. Each subject is accompanied by spectacular
pictures too. This book is a must for every household who wish to
enrich themselves with knowledge of our world, and brings us closer to
Jewish tradition, showing its truths.

The book is 320 pages in length (in Hebrew), hardback and sells for
between 60 and 75 shekels. Its author, Rabbi Zamir Cohen is a lecturer
in Jewish studies. Extra information about the book, including orders

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