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The Clan Of The Cave Bear
(Jean M. Auel)

The central issue in this book revolves around a young woman's struggle to become accepted by the foreign tribe that adopts her as one their own. The classic issue of human nature dealing with 'The Other', who are different, is intriguing and. Mrs. Auel brings new insight into the dynamic Ice Age they lived in during prehistoric times. This book's topic matter would interest history and anthropology students as well as anyone interested in classical studies. The book gives one a good impression of their culture, survival skills and state of being.

Well-written with lots of action, insight into the emotional life of the characters, history and excitement, this is also an excellent book for teenagers. The perspective of the central character is illuminated and brought to life. Her experience of being 'The Other' as a foreign concept that limits her desired mobility and her sense of spontaneity and personal freedom is interesting. She constantly struggles with the need for acceptance versus the need for freedom. The story offers a lot of conflicting details that weave themselves into an interesting tapestry of plot development right up the climax.

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