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The Waistcoat
(Boles?aw Prus)

The narrator bought a waistcoat from a sellingman. It was a waistcoat of an officer, who died in cause of phthisis.The narrator was a neighbout of an officer and his wife and he decided to tell their story. Looking back to when they arrived to the flat opposit. The man was an officer and he usually sat down and work while his wife was sitting next to him and she was needling. Accept of needling she was teaching to earn some more money. They were not rich but they loved each other. Every sunday they went out holding their's hands. However the officer caught phithisis. The doctor was trying to cheer him up, but the disease was getting worse. When he was wearing the waistcoat he could see that the waistcoat was getting bigger and he was getting weaker and slimmer. He didn't want to worry his wife so he loosen the belt so it seemed that he was not as ill as he was. However just before his death he told his wife the truth and he believed that he will be healthful as before. then they were sitting holding each other for a while. The novel ends when the narrator says, that the officer loosen the belt wanting to pretend that everything is fine and the wife was shortnig the belt to hide her husband's disease.

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