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Gone With The Wind
(Margaret Mitchell)

Scarlett O?Hara is not beautiful. And she?s hardly likeable, yet Margaret Mitchell?s landscape of the Old South is so alluring, readers are compelled to watch this protagonist chase a man she?ll never understand, deride a woman who loves her so completely, she?d never suspect Scarlett?s countering hate, and carelessly toss away the tenderness of a man who never strays far from the peripheral view of Scarlett?s life. Ashley. Melanie. Rhett. These characters are as integral to Gone with the Wind as Miss Scarlett herself ? they are the blood, the beat driving Scarlett?s resolve. And there we are, the audience, plodding through the Civil War, the Reconstruction, right along with these now mythic characters. The pre-war days are just a quick glint before the wreckage and heartbreak of war floods over the pages of this literary masterpiece, and the reader is never excluded from the devastation described and the desperation that pulses through Scarlett, the indignation and honor that courses through both Ashley and Melanie?s souls, and the heat and fervor that swells each cell in Rhett. Gone with the Wind is surprisingly accessible, with a message that is as relevant today as ever.

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