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In a calm night of Venice, ?I hate him?, said Iago to Rodrigo (a failed suitor of Desdemona). This laid the plot for the tragic play of Shakespeare?s Othello.

Othello, a Moorish general has declared his love for the most beautiful Desdemona, daughter of Brabantio. Iago along with Rodrigo informs Brabantio of the elopement of Desdemona setting him on fire. Then quietly Iago sneaks towards Othello and warns him of Brabantio?s course of action so to prove his fidelity. Othello and brabantio meet at the duke?s palace for the solution of Turkish attack on Cyprus and there only the truth of the love between desdemona and Othello is confirmed by Desdemona.

Iago in his soliloquy explains his cruel plans. He lies to Rodrigo that Desdemona is in love with cassio and that he needs to be removed. He also persuades Rodrigo that Desdemona can still be hers. Iago makes cassio drink wholesome and pushes Rodrigo to provoke him. When Montano tries to intervene cassio hits him. The case is informed to Othello and cassio is suspended from his job.

Iago, the doubled faced man is happy with the on going success of his plan. He thinks of using cassio as an instrument to create drift between Desdemona and Othello. He convinces cassio that if he asks for Desdemona?s help then Othello will surely consider him. He also promises that he will arrange his meeting with the lady in Othello?s absence. Whereas on the other side he misguides Othello of Cassio?s and Desdemona?s relation. Iago very cleverly makes Othello see the conversation between them with Emilia?s( attendant to Desdemona) help. Later Desdemona innocently pleads to Othello for cassio. This makes Othello sure of her infidelity.

Iago is very much pleased with his cleverness. He has started enjoying all this. Now he wants to aggravate all this. Mean while Desdemona comes to call Othello for dinner but he complains of headache. On this she tries to tie her handkerchief on his head but he pushes aside. The handkerchief, the most significant instrument of this tragedy, lied on the floor. Emilia picked it up and gave it to Iago. He continues fan firing Othello about cassio and Desdemona and tells him that he has seen cassio with the handkerchief. Meanwhile he and his girlfriend Bianca meets and she complain of staying away for so long. Cassio makes excuses and gives her hanky to copy.

Iago plans to torture Othello more, so he decides that he will make him hear the conversation between himself igo) and cassio and his relation with Desdemona. But in truth iago will speak about cassio and Bianca but will present in such a way that as if Cassio is speaking about his and Desdemona?s relationship. Othello is now confirmed of her adultery and decides to kill her. Now Othello wants proof of Desdemona?s adultery from Emilia and curses her to be a whore. Emilia is shocked and tries to find out the cause of this. On the other hand Rodrigo abuses Iago of his vein efforts. Iago cleverly promises that if he would murder cassio he would bed Rodrigo with Desdemona. Rodrigo attacks Cassio, he is hurt. Iago too attacks cassio but is saved by Lodovico.

Othello orders Desdemona to dismiss Emilia and get ready for bed. Desdemona gets ill intuition and surrenders to her ill fate. Othello thinks that cassio is killed and decides to kill Desdemona. He gave Desdemona a cruel farewell. On hearing cassio?s attack Emilia calls for Othello who opens the door. Emilia sees dead Desdemona and curses Othello for this heinous crime. Othello tells Emilia of her adultery to which she says that it was Iago who created all this. It was Iago who handed over the hander kerchief to her. The black veil of misunderstanding was cleared. Othello was in despair and as repentance stabbed himself and died.

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