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Art For Dummies
(Hoving, Thomas)

This introductory guide for beginners in the art world explicitly and accurately explains many different aspects of fine arts. From how to collect to the definition of art to its history, this book instructs a novice on how to begin purchasing and collecting art and is a useful guide to the general history of various movements such as realism, impressionism, fauvism and cubism.

Since it is written in sensible laymen's terms, it is easy to follow and well-organized. One is left with a good overall impression in the art world and with a place to begin. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in collecting art or learning about how to study and appreciate art. One can begin with this book and build on it. Several other guides are recommended along with this one in the back.

A color guide and a list of important paintings, along with general history going back to ancient Roman times, is inside the guide, helping to restore interests in the ancient arts and architecture, which are so often overlooked. Modern art is treated with the same appreciation. There is no snobbery or elitism to this book. Mr. Hoving provides thoughtful insight to developing a knowlege of art and provides guidelines on how to determine its value and how to deal with collectors. Well-written and highly recommended.

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