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The Perfect Memory Secret
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How often has it occurred to that you sew a familiar person in the street and then tried - with no luck - to recall his name? How often do you search for your car keys, forget a friends birthday, forget a large part of the curriculum during a test and so on... The Secret Of Perfect Memory, let us start with what it is not: it is not a magical book one which upon reading it necessarily improves your memory. On the other hand it is a practical book with lots of techniques and principles that once applied the increase in your memory capability will really change magnificently. The idea is that with relatively simple principles and practice anyone can better there capabilities and the important point is that every one has the potential even if right now they do not think so. According to the book you will be able after reading it (obviously not just like that but with a little practice): - to recognize many people in an occasion and remember their names and additional details about them, years later! - remember hundreds of telephone numbers without needing a telephone book - to easily remember daily errands - to remember twice as much stuff for your test in half the time and so on. Eran Katz - the author of the book - completed his studies without notebooks and deals with learning and developing memory techniques. He entered the Guinness book of records by remembering a 500 digit number that was read to him only one time.

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